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Secrets to Inexpensive Funeral Services

There is no denying that holding a funeral for a departed loved one is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life, both emotionally and financially. They also require a great deal of decisions – funeral plans, wake, burial, etc. With the long list of checklist to fullfill, it is inevitable for a funeral to result to spending an enormous amount of money.

There are families who are starting to become cautious of the unnecessary expenses during funerals. Unfortunately, some families are still stuck in the idea of making funerals as traditional as possible. For those family who are aiming to provide a decent funeral for their departed loved ones without the bank-breaking cost, they can follow some tips including the following:

Tip #01: Use your rights as a consumer to your advantage

Funeral homes are still business establishments. They are established to make a profit at the end of the day. However, they also acknowledge that clients have different needs. If the need for a less expensive funeral services arises, it is advisable to discuss this immediately with the funeral director. These directors are also required to discuss these packages on the phone when necessary.You may also request for a price list to have an overview on the cost of individual service and of each package offered at the funeral homes.

It is far more common to encounter a funeral package than individual packages. However, if you find it more affordable to avail of services individually, it is safe to know that funeral homes cannot question your choice and decisions. If you wish to know more about your rights, you may discuss such information with the directors, too.

Tip #02: Know the components that can make funeral very expensive

As a general rule, funeral can be expensive if the family chooses days-long wake, open caskets with intricate designs, and car rentals for the burial. In fact, many experts are now attempting to draw the attention of families to go for the cheaper options.

Funeral servicesThe first option is by direct burial. This instantly gets rid of the expenses incurred by the funeral wake itself. There is also no need to purchase expensive caskets as the body is meant to be buried just hours after death. It also eliminates the embalming process. It is important to note, however, that embalming is not always mandatory.

The second option is by direct cremation. As with the former option, this can be executed just shortly after the demise of the person. There is also no need to purchase burial lots. A combustible casket is also inexpensive. The family should only prepare an urn. A simple gathering of family and friends can be held after the burial or cremation. This is way cheaper than holding days or nights of viewing.

Having a basic understanding of urns, caskets, and burial requirements could also snag you a whole lot of savings. If you are unable to get yourself a reasonably priced urn or caskets, then see if you can do away with burial vaults or grave liners. They are not mandatory, but it is advisable to purchase them so as to help the grave to stay in place.

Tip #03: Report unreasonable funeral costs

Issues regarding cost may arise during your inquiry for services. Some families may also run into problems such as services that the funeral home cannot provide or customize. Should this happen, it is safe to know that you can immediately get in touch with the Funeral Consumers Alliance.  However, it is suggested that you discuss the issue thoroughly with the director before lodging any form of complaint. The National Funeral Directors Association can also be reached for matters that are difficult to resolve without the help of any third party.

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